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Home Staging Consultation

We will address issues and make suggestions as we walk through your property to help get your home Market Ready. Recommendations on home repairs, finish selections, furniture placement, de-cluttering, depersonalizing, cleaning, curb appeal, and referrals will be given. If needed, a detailed written report of all suggestions will be emailed to you and your realtor.

Photo Prep for Online Marketing

We will stage your home using your furnishings for Internet Marketing Photos. If needed, an Accessory Package is available to enhance the photos.

 (Discount offered if a home staging consultation precedes this service.) 

Beautiful Furnished Living Room Interior
Drawers with different kitchenware.jpg


We will help you de-clutter and organize closets, pantries, and cabinets.


We will assist with the process of downsizing by determining which furniture to keep, helping with de-cluttering, and giving referrals/contacting the following: estate sale agents, consignment shops, removal companies, cleaning companies, contractors, moving companies, and more.

Neat Storage Boxes
Different colour swatches with paintbrus

Color Consultation

We can help select color for walls, flooring, counter tops, siding, and more.

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